Lower School ICT


Health and Safety


Ergonomics – Accessing Content on 21st Century ICT

Computer Hazards

Computer Principles

Computing Disciplines

Computer System Components and Characteristics

Data and Information

What is hardware?

Peripheral Device

Main Components of a Computer System

Physical Care for Computer Systems

Categories of Computers – Introduction Discussion

Categories Of Computers

Comparison of computer systems

Comparison of computer types (updated image)

Videos: Categories of Computers (Created for csec syllabus, but also applies to NCSE ICT)


What is Software?

Categories of Software


Keyboarding and Keyboarding Techniques

Keyboards and Keyboard Layout
Typing using a QWERTY Keyboard

Offline Application Practical: Typing – Practical Exercise

Online Application Practical: Introduction to typing (Live class)

Computer maintenance

File Management

Data and Software Maintenance


Word Processing

Simple Text Formatting

Justification – Word Processing

Formatting a letter – Text, Tables, Layout – Tutorial

Text And Graphics, Page breaks and Columns – Document Layout


Presentation Software

Presentation Software – Classroom Instructions

Presentation Software

Video Series: Using Powerpoint presentation Software

Internet And Web 2.0 Tools

Introduction to the Internet, WWW and Hyperlinks


Search engines

Reliability of information sources

Creating and managing Passwords online.

Computational Thinking

Computational Thinking  – A simple task! (Optional Class Activity)

Problem Solving Discussion

Introduction to Scratch Programing (Copied from  below)

Installing Scratch 2 for a Better Help and Tutorial Experience  (Copied from  below)

How to share a Scratch Project (Copied from  below)

Drawing using sequence and looping

Scratch: Drawing a Square, Square Variable exercise

Additional Scratch Drawing Exercises

What do these scratch programs draw?

What do these scratch programs draw? – Solutions

Cat Crossing the Street! (Activities involving 2 persons)




Word Processing

Reviewing Documents – Word Processing

Document Review Tutorial – Track Changes, Comments

Video: Word processing revision.


Spreadsheets: Introduction, definition & terminology

Create a simple Spreadsheet

Introduction to Spreadsheets – Live Excel Demo

Inserting rows and Columns, Formatting Cells and Formula Revision

Reviewing Functions – Max,Min,Sum and Introducing average

Sorting information and formatting values

Absolute Addressing and Chart Creation, Revision – Spreadsheets Tutorial

Spreadsheet Course Work Solution

Spreadsheet Assignment 1


Video Creation

Video Creation using Source files – Tutorial

Storyboards – Professional Video Creation (Part 1)

The Video Brief – Professional Video Creation (Part 2)

The Video Rationale Document – Professional Video Creation (Part 3)

The Video Script – Professional Video Creation (Part 4)

Complex example: Video Brief, Rationale & Script – Professional Video Creation (Part 5)

Video Brief Template With inline Instructions – Professional Video Creation (Part 6)

Video Script Template With inline Instructions – Professional Video Creation (Part 7)

Project – Create a Video Using a Storyboard.

Retrospective – The video production pipeline.

Internet and Communication


SMS vs IM on mobile phones

Use Of Web tools and Team Collaboration 

Email Introduction

Blogs (Weblog)


Wikis for online collaboration

Collaborating with each other

Computational Thinking

Introduction to Computational Thinking

Using Computational Thinking to solve a Math problem

Computational thinking



Hardware Specifications

Screen size and resolution

SD Card Reader

Hardware Specifications – Computer Ports

Computer Suitability by Specification

ICT  Social and Ethical Impacts

Careers in ICT

Threats to Computer and Data Security

Problem solving using algorithms


The role of algorithms

Algorithms Narrative Form

Solution: Narrative Algorithm for Snakes and ladders

Flowcharts – Representation

Flowcharts – Sequence

The Selection Construct

Selection Statements: Practise Exercise(s)

Using multiple selection statements (By Example)

Repetition (Iteration) Constructs

Finding the Average of 5 numbers using Looping

Selection and Iteration exercise

Scratch Programming

Soft introduction to scratch

Introduction to Scratch Programming

Making a Sprite Jump In Scratch

Installing Scratch 2 for a Better Help and Tutorial Experience 

How to share a Scratch Project

Intermediate Scratch Programming

NCSE ICT – Scratch Programming – Manipulating sprites

NCSE ICT – Scratch Programming – Animating Sprites using loops and the Broadcast system

Scratch – Selection, Sensing, Repetition, Outputting Results.

NCSE ICT – Scratch Programming – Creating interactive sprites


Tutorial Project 

A simple game!

A simple Game! – Part 2

A simple Game! – Part 3

A simple Game! – Part 4

A Simple Game! – Part 5

Assignment Projects

Catch by Coordinate – Scratch Game Assignment

Catch by Coordinate – Scratch Game Assignment (Solution)

Group Project – Create a Game in Scratch!



The 5 Generations of Computers (External Link)