Video Script Template With inline Instructions – Professional Video Creation (Part 7)

Video Benefit e.g. Smoother Sprites

Sub Heading E.g. The art of making Sprite Sheets with the smoothest movement possible


Tip: You will be able to estimate your video’s length by how long it takes you to read your narration.

e.g 10-12 minutes


E.g Animators who want to tighten up character movement and might have an interest in the video series we have to offer.


Tip: Outline the goal for

  • Your Audience
  • You

E.g To get viewers to quickly create sprite sheets with snappy and smooth movements using CTA3.  If they learn from this video, then maybe they might want to subscribe to our youtube channel because we produce meaningful content


{Narration script for video goes here}


  • Remember to pause and breathe at the end of your sentences when recording.
  • Tell your audience the duration of your video.
  • Don’t Forget your call to action (conversion point) at the end.

Tutorial tips:

  • Write your narration as you prep for your tutorial
  • Use Bolded text for actions,
  • Use Italics for Menu items, tech terms, and jargon
  • Ask yourself :what does the audience need?
  • Pick out the most important or aesthetically pleasing features in your demonstration




© 2021  Vedesh Kungebeharry. All rights reserved. 

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