Using multiple selection statements (By Example)

Consider the following tasks below:

Task: a solution is required which prompts the user to enter a person’s name their gender and birth year. The solution should output a message stating the The person’s name, wheather they are an adult, teenager or child, as well as their gender.

E.g, If the user enters Khan Smith, male, 2000; the solution would output :

Khan Smith is an male adult who will be 21 years old this year.

or a similar message.

Flowchart Solution

This solution was created in Flowgorithm (Download files here):

Solution in Pseudocode

    // Here we initialize variables for first use....
    personName = "Unknown"
    sex = "Unknown"
    currentYear = 2021
    birthYear = -9999
    // end initialization.
    // Get the data from the user....
    output "Please enter the person's  name"
    input personName
    output "Please enter the person's Year of Birth"
    input birthYear
    output "Please enter the person's sex, either M  for male, or  F for Female"
    input sex
    // start to process data...
    // Determine the sex form the entered character....
    if sex = "M" then
        sex = " is a male "
        sex = " is a female "
    end If
    age = currentYear - birthYear
    if age > 19 then
        personType = " adult "
        if age > 12 then
            personType = " teenager "
            personType = " child "
        end If
    end If
    result = personName + sex + personType + "who will be " + age + " years in " + currentYear
    output result
    output "thanks for using my program!"
    // © 2021  Vedesh Kungebeharry. All rights reserved.

© 2021  Vedesh Kungebeharry. All rights reserved. 

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