The Video Script – Professional Video Creation (Part 4)

The video script contains the narration or text that is used in the video, as well as a storyboard that will be used to show the sequencing of events in relation to the narration/text.

Although this is all that is needed to in this document, it is useful to also include the video rationale. This is useful because it allows for our video producer to choose appropriate source video clips from stock sites, and/or create appropriate graphics and/or video recordings that have a high level of relevance to our video production.

Recall the video that was created:

Below is the Video Script and rationale that was used:

Video Title: Football In two Sentences





Less than 30 seconds if possible



Experts and beginner


Goals for me:

  • To get
    more people interested in football.
  • To
    create a video that is attractive and short so that the entire video is
  • To
    motivate the younger audience to share the video on social media

Goals for my audience: 

  • To start
    conversations  on social media that will educate newcomers about the
  • To
    spread the word on football (increased awareness and popularity)
  • To
    entertain the audience with a crafty and quirky video.



No narration is used. Only text on screen.  See storyboard







Title screen with
catch music is shown 2-5 seconds

Football in Two

Display video
of a football with some sort of slow moving graphics.

Football is a
team sport played y two opposing teams.

Show a live , exciting
video of a goal being sored and the jubilation felt from scoring the goal.
(The screams of the crowd should be audible over background music)


Show a
timelapse (sped up video) of a field
with players playing the sort from a distance.

The object of
the game is to get the football into the other team’s goal without using your

Similar title screen
graphic as used in intro.

Thanks for watching!





That’s it!

A more complex example is shown in this post: Complex example: Video Brief, Rationale & Script – Professional Video Creation (Part 5)

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