The Video Rationale Document – Professional Video Creation (Part 3)


video rationale document is structured description of your video’s purpose, the intended audience, separate goals for you and your audience and the main supporting information that you need to include in your video’s content.

And our video that was created was :

The example video rationale is shown below:

Video Title: Football In two Sentences


Less than 30 seconds if possible


Experts and beginner fans


Children around 13 years old in the UK


Goals for me:

  • To get more people interested in football.
  • To create a video that is attractive and short so that the entire video is watched
  • To motivate the younger audience to share the video on social media

Goals for my audience: 

  • To start conversations  on social media that will educate newcomers about the sport.
  • To spread the word on football (increased awareness and popularity)
  • To entertain the audience with a crafty and quirky video.

After considering our Video rationale, we no move onto the final stage of planning, which is the creation of the video script.

See the next post in the series here: The Video Script – Professional Video Creation (Part 4)

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