Videos: Troubleshooting Hardware

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These videos were chosen for each topic because they cover the subject matter in a relevant context. They definitely were not created specifically for the CSEC Syllabus, however , they do address the fundamental concepts in real world scenarios.

10.              troubleshoot basic computer hardware problems;Cable problems (for example, loose cables).

Monitor problems (for example, improperly adjusted monitor controls).

Printer problems (for example, changing printer cartridges).

Battery problems (for example, loose or dead
Optional : This video presents a comprehensive and structured troubleshooting procedure along with managing changes that may result from the problems that you are trying to solve:  



Common Hardware Problems (Booting problems, Power problems can be found within sections of this video) :

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What is hardware?


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Definition: Computer Hardware refers to all the physical components of the computer system.

Hardware refers to all physical components of a computer system including:

  • All internal components to the system Unit (ALU,CU,RAM, Hard Disk Drive)
  • All external components (input, storage and output devices)

In Class Challenge!

Can you list all hardware items from 1 to 16 in the picture above?

(Note: leave out #12)

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