The Video Brief – Professional Video Creation (Part 2)

A video brief structured description of your video’s purpose, why you are creating the video, and your intended audience.

If we spend time adding detail to our video brief, we can expand it to produce a justification for our video or video rationale document

A video rationale document is structured description of your video’s purpose, the intended audience, separate goals for you and your audience and the main supporting information that you need to include in your video’s content.

This is best understood by example. In a previous tutorial, we created this video:

Although the video seems mundane, it was created with a purpose that is not or never will be realized by the audience. The full brief is shown below:

What’s My video’s purpose?

To cleverly describe the sport of football (soccer) a briefly as possible.


I want non players and newcomers to the sport to feel welcomed and understand that the sport is not complex, making the sport easier to be tolerated or adopted by different cultures.

I want to start conversation in social media about football from experts who find my explanation to simplistic, that way newcomers can benefit from an inclusive conversation.  


People who know nothing about football People who know a lot , expert fans and players.

As you can see, the purpose of the video is rather abstract, as the video itself simply describes football in 2 sentences.

In our next post , we will examine the video rationale document as it applies to this video: The Video Rationale Document – Professional Video Creation (Part 3)

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