Middle School ICT


Computing Disciplines

Videos: Computing Disciplines

Categories of Computers

Videos: Categories of Computers


Computer Components and Organization

The Functions of the Main Components of a Computer System

Videos: The Major components of a computer system

Secondary Storage

Local Storage and Cloud Storage

Video: Cloud Storage

Videos:Input/Output Devices

Categories of Software

Integrated Software

Computer Suitability by Specification

Videos: Troubleshooting Hardware


Information Processing

Video: Data and Information

Sources of Data and information

Reliability of information sources

Video:Evaluating Sources of Information

Videos: Data Validation And Verification

Serial, Sequential, Direct (Random) Access



Word Processing

Justification – Word Processing

Simple Text Formatting

Videos: Search/Replace, Tables, Columns

Reviewing Documents – Word Processing

Mail Merge

Mail Merge Class Demonstration And Revision

Fillable Forms (CSEC Tutorial in Microsoft Word)

Fillable forms – (Microsoft Word) – Live Class (Recorded in Jan 2021)

Submit A word processing form Via email (Fillable forms)


Web Design

COVID CSEC IT Contingency!

Creating a website and choosing a design using wordpress.com

Setting up your homepage and adding links

Adding a Webpage with common website elements

Web Design – WordPress.com Assignment

Website (wordpress) Assignment Submission Via Google Classroom

Website Exercise


Database Management

Introduction To Databases

Database Terminology in Context

Creating Forms in Microsoft Access

Importing Data From Excel into An access Database.

Modifying An Existing Database, Understanding Cascade Delete (adding Fields, Relationships, Updating Forms)

Creating Queries – Using multiple criteria an tables, calculated fields and totals

Database reports

Problem Solving and Program Design



The purpose of an algorithm

Algorithms In Narrative Form

Flowcharts – Representation

Flowcharts – Sequence

Flowchart Practise – Finding the average of 3 numbers.

Closure on Sequence with flow charts

The Selection Construct

Using multiple selection statements (By Example)

Bounded Iteration Example

Python Example: Indefinite prompting to determine the corresponding grade for a given mark

External Resource: Types of Programming languages


Configuring Flowgorithm for CSEC / CAPE / CXC /NCSE 

Introduction to Top-Down Stepwise Refinement

Relational Operators – A practical Exercise


SBA-How to Approach a Dry run using test data and trace tables to uncover errors in your algorithm


Implementing Incomplete functions – Programming practise

Getting started in pascal

Programming SBA Approach (part 1)

Programming SBA Approach (part 2)


Spreadsheets: Introduction, definition & terminology

Formulas – Part 1 (Class Video)

Formulas and Functions – Part 2 (Video)

Advanced formulae – Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet Exercise

Practical Exercise – Range names, Advanced Filters, Linking to other sheets

Pivot tables. [Size – 9 mb]

A pivot table’s intended use.


CSEC Video Revision

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