Computer Science

Unit 1

Digital Logic

Truth Tables – An application of abstraction to physical circuits to arrive at their logical nature

Logic Gates

Logic Gates – Formal Introduction

Flip Flops

The SR Flip-Flop – Practical Introduction

The Ripple Counter Explained (Animation)


Data Representation

Binary Manipulation

Solution to Largest and Smallest magnitude twos complement numbers using 4 bits

Data Representation Homework Exercise

Decimal to binary

Problem Solving

What is a problem?

Stages in problem solving


The role of algorithms

The Importance of algorithms

From CSEC Level: Properties of Good Algorithms 

Ways of representing algorithms

Constructs used in structured programming

External Resource: Types of Programming languages

C Programming


Your First Program Using Codeblocks IDE

Adding 2 numbers – (Declaring integer variables, Watching Variables)

Adding 2 numbers – Outputting the result with printf()

Adding 2 numbers  – real/floating point numbers

Exercises – Finding the Volume Of Sphere, Quadratic Equation Roots

Introduction to functions

Debugging and Refactoring exercise

C Pointers [External Tutorial]

C Pointers – Live Demo

C Structures [External Tutorial]

Checking for Integers (in C code)

Mini Internal Assessment Example

Mini IA Example – A library catalog

Strategy For Storing Records In Plaintext Files(Previously recorded Class)

Tutorial: Storing and loading data in a plain textfile.

Internal Assessment

IA Template for Computer Science Unit 1

Internal Assessment Discussion – Unit 1

Unit 2

Abstract Data Types

Properties of an ADT

Animation: Stack Operations


Stack Operations (Exercise)

Stacks Implementations and Variations

Stack Assignment: Testing if a word is a palindrome.


Queue Exercise

Queues Closure – Discussion

Solution to Queue Exercise

Stacks and Queues Discussion and Variant implementation

Linear search

Solution To Linear Search Excercises

Bubble Sort Implementation & Demonstration

Binary Search Implementation

Singly Linked List

Linked list Live demo

Stack Implemented by a Linked List

Operating Systems

Bootstrap  Process

Process Management

How the interrupt mechanism works

Scheduling Algorithms


SQL Tutorial using MS Access