Computational Thinking  – A simple task! (Optional Class Activity)

In class Exercise

Students are arranged into groups of two.

Student 1 – writes instructions for student 2 to perform a simple task. Student 2 is not allowed to see the instructions as they are written.

Student 2 – Performs the task according to the given instructions.

Tasks include


  • Draw a triangle
  • Draw a square


Do the floss[1]


Were the instructions precise?

Written Instruction In book

Instruction: Students are instructed to rewrite the instructions in a concise and precise manner with the expectation that the recipient of the instruction is motivated to achieve the goals of the instruction; i.e. the recipient understands the intent of the instructions and is not subject trivial misinterpretation which can lead to faults.

Moving From documenting an activity to solving problems

When solving a problem the following the steps to be followed:

  1. Information gathering;
  2. Brainstorming;
  3. Identification of resources;
  4. Evaluation of pros and cons of multiple solutions;
  5. Determining most feasible solution.

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