Class Feedback

This page contains feedback that are specific to classes I’m teaching or have taught in the past

Form 5 Option C ( CSEC 2021-23)

2022-23 CSEC IT SBA Word Processing Marks (11th,22nd, Jan 2023)

2022-23 CSEC IT SBA Website Marks (22nd, Jan 2023)

2022-23 CSEC IT SBA Program& Database Marks (12th March 2023)

2022-23 CSEC IT SBA Spreadsheet Marks (13th March 2023)

All SBA Marking Links (2023)

Form 6 Upper (Computer Science Unit 2 2021-22)

Class Discussion – Linear Search, Stacks and Queues Variant implementation, Homework

Form 6 Lower (Computer Science Unit 1 2021-22)

Programming Practise in C Live Class 2021/11/16

Unit 1 CS Class Video and IA Feedback (Tues 18th Jan 2021)

CS IA – Group 2 Feedbacks on Coded Program (2022-02-02)

IA Feedback – Modification to IA Report

Final IA Feedback CS Unit 1 (2022 May 16th)

Verification of groups, mark Data entry, word coversheet for U1 CS 2022(2022 05 19 12 14 29)

Form 5 Option C (2021-2022)

Translating Algorithms to High level Languages (live class) 13th Sept 2021

SBA Word Processing Feedback 2022

SBA Website Feedback (2021-22)

SBA Word Processing Marking 2021-22

Last Term 1 Class (Form 5 Option C [2021 22] )

Form 5 Opt C CSEC 2022 (Thu 6th Jan 2022)

Spreadsheet Feedback for all groups 1st Attempt (Monday 10th January 2022)

Form 5 Spreadsheet feedback groups 3 to 7 (18th Jan 2022)

Form 5 Spreadsheet feedback groups 1,2,7 (20th Jan 2022)

Form 5 Programming Feedback 02 (3rd Feb 2022)

Form 5 Group 2 Additional Feedback On running total (4th Feb 2022)

Sba Feedback: Trace table , Report feedback

Database Feedback Live Class (2022 Apr 4th)

Database Marking SBA (2022)

Form 4 Option C (2021-22)

Data Validation and Verification Discussion (Live Class)

Information Processing Review (Live Class)

Form 4 – Adding common website elements (11th Jan 2022)

Form 3N, 3A ICT (2021-2022)

Flowcharts – Sequence, Selection Intro (Class Discussion)

Class Instruction – Selection Statements

Selection Statements – Homework Correction , demonstrations and closure (Live Class)

Iteration – While Loop (Live Class)

Pseudocode, Looping, Revision – Live class (3NA 21-22)

Form 3NA Scratch Quiz, Homework review and Discussion 10th Jan 2022

Form 3NA – Animating sprites, Interactive sprites , Discuss Class issues

Form 2S ICT (2021-2022)

Professional Video Editing – Class Instruction

Form 2 , Excel Formulas and functions with formatting, inserting (Wed 12th Jan 2022)

Form 2 S Live class Instruction on Excel Formulas (20th Jan 2022)

Form 2 Spreadsheet Assignment preparation, demonstration, closure

Form 6 Lower (Computer Science Unit 1 2020-21)

CS Unit 1 Group Feedback On IA Pseudocode and program Implementation (Marcus)

Strategy For Storing Records In Plaintext Files

CS Unit 1 IA Marking and Feedback (Prashant)

Form 5 Option C and D (Csec 2021 IT)

SBA Database Feedback 2021

SBA Spreadsheet Feedback 2021

SBA Website Feedback 2021

SBA Word Processing Feedback 2021

SBA Programming Feedback (Thu 15th Apr 2021)

Final Programming Feedback (Week2 19th-20th Apr 2021)

Final Marking And SBA Programming Feedback (Thu 22-04-2021)

Program Lifecycle, Errors, Language levels – Live Class (11th May 2021)

SBA Marking – Spreadsheets

Form 4 Option C (2020-2021)

Algorithms and Flowchart introduction (Fri 30th Apr 2021)

Introduction to Top-Down Stepwise Refinement

SBA-How to Approach a Dry run using test data and trace tables to uncover errors in your algorithm (Friday 17th May 2021)

SBA Introduction (Fri 25th Jun 2021)

Form Class 3P (2020-2021)

2021-07-02 Term 3p Mark doublechecking and feedback

Last roll call with form 3P (2020-21).

Form 3P ICT (2020-2021)

Scratch 2, Flying Sprite (27th Jan 2021)

Multiple Sections with Different Headers and Footers -Word Processing (Wed 5/5/2021 )

Form 2A ICT (2020-21)

Failed Live Class – Sorting Information and Formatting Values

Scratch Introduction – Form 2A (Wed 12th May 2021)

Form 2A Revision Class (16-06-2021)

Form 1N ICT (2020-21)

Instructions – The internet,WWW, Information Sources (Wed 27th Jan2021)

Introduction To Wordprocessing Formatting and Layout

Form 1 N – Revision and Drawing Letters using the Broadcast System