SD Card Reader

SD Cards (Secure Digital Cards) are a popular form of portable flash memory storage because of it’s small size , speed and durability. It’s used widely in digital video/photography to store media, and as expansion storage for other smart devices including phones , tablets etc.

It was created by a group of companies and has now become a standard for portable data storage.

SD Cards

SD Card readers are devices that allow for SD Cards to be read by the computer system and can be internal (built into) or externally connected via USB ports.

Below: An external SD Card Reader with an inserted Micro SD Card

SD card reader

Below: An internal SD Card Reader built into the computer’s system unit.

Toshiba Satellite S40t laptop - SD card reader - 10086954974

Why are SD Card Readers needed?

Because of it’s widespread use, it has become desirable to include SD card readers in newer computer systems to facilitate easier data transfer from device to device.

A common task that a user would face would be copying their media from their digital camera to their pc. In the past, this meant that the user would have to install the camera’s software and drivers on the pc, then connect a cable from the camera to the pc to access the media.

This process changes when a sd card reader is built in or connected to a computer, the user simply removes the sd card from the digital camera and inserts it into the sd card reader, where the media is immediately accessible as using any other portable secondary storage device.

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