Categories of Software

Software can be divided into 2 groups: application software and system software.

Software Categories

Application Software

Definition : Application software is used to perform user tasks.

For example, a computer user may prepare a letter using a word processor such as Microsoft word.

Other examples include Spreadsheet Software, Photo Editing software etc.

System Software

Definition: System Software is used to manage the hardware resources of a computer including maintenance and allowing Application Software to indirectly control the hardware.

The Operating system

Definition: The operating system is used to control the computers basic functions and control hardware.

For example, when using a word processor the operation system allows for accepting input from the keyboard and mouse of the computer, and producing output to the monitor.

Examples of operating systems include:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Android
  • iOS

Utility Software

Definition: Utility software is used to maintain and upkeep the computer system, or provide extended functionality to the operating system.

Utility software is designed to perform one task only.

For example, Windows Disk Cleanup maintains the system by providing a facility to remove unused or redundant files. This utility is provided by the windows operating system.

Disk Cleanup Screenshot

Other third party applications can extend functionality in the form of antivirus software, backup software etc.

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