Mail Merge

A mail merge is the term used when a database of recipients and other fields are placed (or merged) onto a template letter to produce a mass mailing.

Basically , a template document is created using a list of names. e.g:

Template Document (Primary Document)

List of names (Data source or Secondary Document)

Steps to create a mail merge

These steps vary silghtly from version to version of microsoft word, but the principle is the same. In this case, I’m using the version of microsoft word as current as January 2020.

  1. Create a new document
  2. write and format the basic idea for your letter
  3. save your document. This document is your Primary Document (Template).
  4. Click on Mailings -> Select recipients -> Type new list.
  5. Use the “New Entry” button to add new records. Add as many as you need.
  6. Click on “ok”. Save your list. This document is your secondary document (Data Source).
  7. Finally, from the mailings ribbon, click on Finish and merge -> Edit individual documents. This creates a new document from the previous two. This document is your Merged document (Mass mailing).

Thats it!

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