Project – Create a Video Using a Storyboard.


You are required to produce a storyboard and a video in 4 events/panels which describes the main goal of sport/game/videogame.

An example storyboard is shown here:

Title screen with catchy music is shown 2-5 secondsFootball in Two Sentences
Display video of a football with some sort of slow moving graphics.Football is a team sport played by two opposing teams.
Show a live , exciting video of a goal being sored and the jubilation felt from scoring the goal. (The screams of the crowd should be audible over background music) 
Show a timelapse (sped up video) of a field  with players playing the sort from a distance.The object of the game is to get the football into the other team’s goal without using your hands.
Similar title screen graphic as used in intro.Thanks for watching!

An example video is shown here @

You are required to :

  • produce and submit the storyboard with 4 events/panels
  • use at least 2 distinct source files that you have created or downloaded from a stock website (e.g
  • use 1 title card for the start of the video, and 1 title card for the end of the video
  • Produce and submit a finished video that is no longer that 60 seconds.

Note for this assignment :

  • You are not limited to 2 sentences.
  • You must have text /narration on at least 1 source file

Marks will be awarded for:


Narration/text consistent to visual – 4 marks

Visual descriptions are sufficient to convey the idea for each panel – 4 marks


Video follows sequencing of events/panels – 1 mark

Evidence that the video matches the narration/text of each panel – 4 marks

2 Distinct source video files used – 2 marks

Total : 15 marks.

© 2021  Vedesh Kungebeharry. All rights reserved. 

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