Creating a Classroom


So, here’s the thing – creating a virtual classroom for student access is a lot like giving every student a key to your classroom. Yep.

Imagine a physical classroom , say Peter’s Chem Lab, for example. Peter’s Chem Lab is physically locked. With a padlock. The students that belong to you want to be able to enter Peter’s Chem Lab are each given their own key to the padlock. That’s about as far as this analogy goes for an introduction.

Step 1

From your classroom home, Click on the plus –> Create Class

Step 2

Add the details to your class. In this example, I have students from forms 4N, 4A and 4P assigned to me doing IT. On my Timetable it’s labelled Option D.

After adding all details, click on Create .

Step 3 – Done!

The class has been created and google classroom give you tutorial prompts on how to get started . The first prompt is the “key” to your classroom.

Follow the prompts and you’ll be on your way!

Class created!

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Logging into Google Classroom

So , we start with the basics. Your school admin would have already created google accounts that can be used with google classroom.

The accounts are email addresses in the format:

For example, if your name was Peter Williams, your email address would be

Note, the case can be ignored, so something like or or

will always work, as long as you get the spelling right.

Once you know your email address and password you can proceed to login:

Step 1


Step 2

Choose Sign in –> Google Classroom

Step 3

Enter your sign in information using the full email address then Click on next

Step 4

Enter your password and click next:

Step 5 – Done!

After step 3, you’ll be redirected to your google classroom dashboard/ home. My home is shown below:

© 2020 Vedesh Kungebeharry. All rights reserved.