Getting Set Up For C# Programming

C# programming  can be achieved by using Microsoft Visual Studio.  Below are some steps for setup:

  1. Visit
  2. Download and run the installer for Visual Studio Community Edition :

VS 01

3. The installer configures the installation…….

VS 02

…..and sets itself up for the main installation of visual studio.

VS 03

4. Next, you will be faced with installation options.  For now, select all options as shown below, and click on install:

VS 04

Visual studio will now be downloaded and installed.

VS 05

5. After Installation, when you run Visual Studio, you will be faced with a login screen:
VS 06


If you have an existing Microsoft account you can sign in.

Otherwise, you will need to create one then login.

From here on, you can start using visual studio 🙂


© 2018  Vedesh Kungebeharry. All rights reserved







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