Introduction to Computational Thinking

Class Practical


In this class we shall observe some logic games.


  • Students are to divide their copybook page into two columns (page is folded vertically to quickly set up the scenario).
  • The first column is given the heading “Steps”.
  • The second column is unlabeled.

Wolf Sheep And Cabbage



  • 1 student is chosen at random to perform the task of solving the problem in the game. We call this student the “actor”.
  • All other students are instructed that they are not allowed to talk or assist during the exercise ( No blurting out “no” Prep students for  self control)
  • The game is explained to the actor.
  • Discuss the first actions with the actor. Silent students must write their first action, the main student takes his own action.
  • As consequences emerge, students and the actor write down the rules.
  • Every reset, write down the steps.



-Are there any students with a different solution?

-Are there any rules for the boat?

-Are there different ways to start the problem?

In class Exercise

Write the steps to solve the problem.



Visit and play some of the logic games.

Write down some of the rules for the games that you have played. Use the following format:

Game name Goal(s) Rules
Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage. Main goal: Get all items safely across the river

Secondary Goals: Do not lose any items to ‘eating’



·         Only one item is allowed in the boat

·         The sheep and wolf should never be left alone

·         The cabbage and the sheep should never be left alone.


In your notebook, complete at least 3 rows of the table. i.e the rules and goals for at least 3 logic games.


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