Problem Solving Discussion

Task: How can you drop an egg from a height of 3 meters without breaking it?

Steps taken in solving the problem

Information gathering

What are the constraints?

The ground must be hard, no adding of sand

No use of Drones

No use of Parachutes.

Definition of problem : Drop an uncooked egg from 3m high onto hard ground without breaking it.


The process of generating ideas to solve the problem

Identification of resources

Determine what is needed for EACH solution. e.g rubber bands, string , balloons etc.

Evaluation of pros and cons of multiple solutions

Compare each solution across similar criteria:

e.g. availability of resources, cost, how well each solution is expected to solve the problem, the complexity of the solution.

Determining most feasible solution.

After we have thoroughly evaluated the solutions, we choose one of them and implement it.

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