2009 U1 Q3

Part a

An algorithm is a well-defined, precise, finite set  of steps for solving a problem.[1]

Part b

Sequence (procedure), Selection (if-then-else) , Iteration (Looping)

Part c

Note:  j goes from 2,4,6,… 96,98 during looping and is output to the screen. Odd numbers are not output. See the attached flowgorithm file here:




Part C(i)

J = 100, C=50

Part c(ii)

2. J=1
3. C=1

Note, for this part we arrive at a solution that solves the problem exactly as stated (only numbers from odd numbers from 1 to 99 and the count.  See flowgorithm file for the corrected algorithm:

Flowgorithm file


Displaying 2009Q3Cii.png

Part c(iii)


Part  d

Use “Start” instead of main.  See Files Below:



[1] VK. Blogged at https://islandclass.wordpress.com/2020/02/10/what-is-an-algorithm-definition/

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