SMS vs IM on mobile phones

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  • SMS  = Short Message Service
  • Is available for all phones on a cellular network
  • Can be used at any time on the cellular network
    • Fees are usually encompassed in the user’s mobile plan

Main Advantages

  • SMS is only dependent on the mobile network connection, and essentially can reliably work at any time (it does not rely on internet connectivity)

Main Disadvantages

  • Can only send text


  • IM=Instant Messaging
  • Is available only where…..
    • The user installs the service
    • some phone manufacturers have  a service pre installed
    • Provided by 3rd party apps or Companies
      • Iphone’s Imessages
      • Whatsapp
      • Telegram
      • Facebook Messenger

Main advantages

  • Can be used to send a variety of data formats in addition to text
    • Files
    • Images
    • Documents
  • Easily supports Mobile to pc messaging

Main Disadvantages

  • Messages are not always guaranteed to be instant due to   breaks in internet connectivity, which is common for internet provided by dataplans
  • All IM services require  an internet connection and/or a dataplan to be used.

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