Blogs (Weblog)

Blog is another word for weblog. A weblog is a website that is like a diary or journal. A blog can be private or public.[1]

Most people can create a blog and then write on that blog. Bloggers (a word for people who write on blogs) often write about their opinions and thoughts. A blog containing video material is called a video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog.

When a person writes on a blog, what they write is in the form of a post, which is a single piece of writing on the blog. Posts often include links to other websites.

Blogs can have one or more writers. If they have more than one writer, they are often called community blogs, team blogs, or group blogs.[2]

Ways to Use a blog[3]

Teachers can use blogs to :

  • publish assignments,
  • resources and notes,
  • keep students informed on class events, due dates, and content being covered.
  •  improve students writing skills.

Students can use blogs to

  • publish their writing and educate others on a particular topic.
  • To keep track of extra-curricular groups and clubs e.g chess club


2023-Jan-8 : changed “keep students on…” to “keep students informed on…”

[1] VK



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