Spreadsheet Exercise

Use the following sheet to accomplish the tasks that follow:



Task NumberTask Instructions
1Ensure that the data in  columns in the sales sheet fit on 1 page. To do this: Change the layout of the page to “Landscape” (Page Layout–> orientation)
2Change the view to “Normal”
3Add borders for the table: Sales for the month of june
4Format the vat rate as a percentage (use the number grouping from the home menu ribbon.
5Format the price in the Price List table  as currency to 2 decimal places
6Apply a similar formatting for Price Per Item
7Use a vlookup to list the Price Per Item
8Use a formula/function to fill in the Revenue Per Item . Format this column as currency
9Calculate the vat Per item to be paid for each item row USING the vat rate provided
10Show the total revenue  and the total vat to be paid. You will need to choose the cell locations to display this information and add lables yourself.

Note that these tasks can also be found on the second sheet within the spreadsheet file for easy reference


A solution from a previously recorded class is shown below:

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