Advanced formulae – Spreadsheets

In this tutorial, we seek to use the basic arithmetic operations addition subtraction multiplication and division to accomplish complex tasks.

Usually when using a computer system to represent addition subtraction multiplication and division we use the following symbols respectively:


The plus sign : +

Hold shift and press the plus sign

The hyphen: –

Hyphen Key

The asterisk : *

Asterisk key

The front slash: /

Front slash key.


Click the link below to download the file. Do not open the documents using Google Sheets, rather download the documents and open it with your desktop application of Microsoft Excel:

This tutorial demonstrates how a spreadsheet can be used to perform a complex calculation. The complex calculation chosen is the quadratic formula.

Note that you do not need to have an intimate understanding of the quadratic formula. All you will need to do is to break down the quadratic formula into its sub parts, and represent those parts using functions and formulas in your spreadsheet software.

This Excel document contains two worksheets. Use the first worksheet to fill in formulas and functions which can be used to calculate the items shown in the labels.

How to fill the sheet:

A copy of the sheet is shown below:

Advanced formulae tutorial

Start filling in the correct formula for each level shown in the sheet. For example, you would start with the label negative B an insert a formula in the cell next to the label which would calculate the volume negative B. In this case you would enter =-1*C10 Into cell location H3.

Continue following all the way down for b squared, 4ac …. All the way until you have calculated root 1 and root 2.

The second sheet contains notes and solutions to the first worksheet.


Complete the challenge listed in the sheet above. Ensure that you do not use any pre-calculated values.

Video Tutorial

Updated 2021 November 8th

-Fixed a spelling error

-Improved formatting

-Added Tutorial Video

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