Web Design – WordPress.com Assignment

Create an Online website using the service provided by https://wordpress.com/ you may use the website that you have created for classes thus far.

Your website must contain coherent and consistent information on a topic of you choosing.

Ensure that your chosen topic which is suitable for a student you age and one that your parents will be proud of.

Include a suitable layout, and pages for “About”, “Contact”, and a Homepage.

Utilize as much features as possible including

Images, text, graphics, hyperlinks (email address etc).

See mark scheme below:

Web Design – WordPress.com Mark Scheme
A least 3 pagesMarks
Home, About and Contact page accessible via navigation bar/menu9
Use of at least 1 images2
Use of at least 2 types of hyperlinks
(site link, file link, mailto link)
Content (Coherent, cohesive content on all pages)5
Total 20

Revision for assignment

Creating a website and choosing a design using wordpress.com

Setting up your homepage and adding links

Adding a Webpage with common website elements

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