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See the following objective content and related videos

These videos were chosen for each topic because they cover the subject matter in a relevant context. They definitely were not created specifically for the CSEC Syllabus, however , they do address the fundamental concepts in real world scenarios.

 6. select appropriate input/output devices to meet the needs of specified applications; Associate the following devices with suitable applications:

(a) Input: Optical mark reader (OMR), character readers (OCR, MICR), mouse, joystick, bar code reader, document scanner, light-pen, touch terminals, voice response unit, Touch Screens (tablets, point of sale, ATM), keyboard, digital camera, biometric systems, sensors, remote control, sound capture, pointing devices, webcam.

(b) Visual output: Monitors, Printers (laser, inkjet, dot matrix, thermal, plotters, 3D Printers), microfilm.

(c) Audible output: speakers, headphones, earphones.
  Input Devices


Micr :

Light pen:

Output Devices

Impact pritners (Character, Dot matrix) :

Dot matrix printer in action:

Inkjet printers:

Laser Printer:

Thermal Printer:
3D Printers:

Microfilm/Microfiche :

Updated 21st Sept 2021: Added link to light pen.

Updated 23st Sept 2021: Added link to printers, laser, impact printers, dot matrix, thermal, microfilm, microfiche .

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