Logging into Google Classroom

So , we start with the basics. Your school admin would have already created google accounts that can be used with google classroom.

The accounts are email addresses in the format:


For example, if your name was Peter Williams, your email address would be


Note, the case can be ignored, so something like

peterwilliams@nc.edu.tt or
peterWILLAIMS@nc.edu.tt or

will always work, as long as you get the spelling right.

Once you know your email address and password you can proceed to login:

Step 1

Visit http://classroom.google.com

Step 2

Choose Sign in –> Google Classroom

Step 3

Enter your sign in information using the full email address then Click on next

Step 4

Enter your password and click next:

Step 5 – Done!

After step 3, you’ll be redirected to your google classroom dashboard/ home. My home is shown below:

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