Bloom’s Taxonomy in two levels


The guiding rule of thumb for generating exam questions is to use Bloom taxonomy broken into

  1. Knowledge comprehension, and
  2. The use of knowledge

In Bloom’s Taxonomy, the first two levels, Remembering and Understanding, are generally considered to correspond to knowledge and comprehension, while the remaining four levels, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating, are considered to correspond to the use of knowledge.

Remembering is the lowest level of the taxonomy, and it involves simply recalling information, such as facts or definitions, without necessarily understanding their meaning or significance. Understanding, which is the second level, involves grasping the meaning of the information and being able to explain it in one’s own words.

Applying, the third level, involves using the information in a new situation or context, to solve problems or complete tasks. This level requires students to apply their understanding of the information to a new situation, and to demonstrate that they can use it in a practical way.

Analyzing, the fourth level, involves breaking down complex information into smaller parts, examining the relationships between them, and identifying the underlying principles or causes. This level requires students to apply critical thinking skills to analyze and understand the information.

Evaluating, the fifth level, involves making judgments about the value or quality of information, based on criteria or standards. This level requires students to assess and criticize the information, and to make choices based on evidence.

Creating, the highest level of the taxonomy, involves generating new ideas, products, or solutions, by combining existing knowledge in novel ways. This level requires students to use higher-order thinking skills to synthesize and transform information, and to create something new.

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