Process Management

Multiple programs are usually executed concurrently  as processes (running programs).  A bit of code from each process is executed at a time  on the processor so that all processes are continually executed until system shutdown or they have completed their task and exit.

The operating system  (OS) is programmed to start the execution of programs and manage their execution by putting them into different states.  Note that the programs can be application programs intended for the end user or system programs used for self management (e.g memory management)


  1. Virtual memory / page files used to simulate ram capacities larger than physical ram on the main system. (Falls under memory management).
  2. Blackboard  as Ram chiselled tablet as Secondary storage – How processes react when they must wait

Process States.

Running – The process is currently being executed

Ready  – A previously interrupted process that can be expected to resume.

Waiting/blocked  – a process that has been put to wait by the cpu or is waiting on a slower operation (I/O or request for data)

Process state

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