Definition: An algorithm is a set of finite, well defined steps which outlines the solution to a specific problem.

Alternative Definition : WHAT IS AN ALGORITHM? – DEFINITION

We use algorithms every day to solve problems, weather we’re conscious of it or not.

When we cook a new dish we follow a recipe, when we solve a math problem we follow a procedure.

In our case, we’d like to document the solution to a specific problem using an algorithm so that we can communicate it to a programmer , or create the tool  as a program itself.

We use algorithms, but what are the properties of a good algorithm?

I’m sure you’ve come across bad algorithms already –

  • Vague recipe instructions, what exactly is 2 cups of flour?
  • A videogame walkthrough that isn’t descriptive enough
  • A video tutorial that talks  a lot about becoming a youtuber , but the steps aren’t outlined in order.

What are the properties of good instructions, good algorithms?

Properties of good algorithms

  • Has a  finite number of steps ( a definite beginning and an end)
  • Is precise,
  • Is unambiguous (not subject to interpretation)
  • Shows the flow of control from one sub-process to another
  • Must output results
  • It must terminate.

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