Definition: Finding and removing errors in your program is called debugging. 

While developing the solution to a program , it’s always a good practice to test your program by running it to ensure that the code runs as you intended. If it does not, you try to determine what caused the error and modify your code so that it’s fixed.

In class Demonstration

In the example below, we consider the task to be solved as part of a bigger program, however now, you would be working on the sprite movement:

(Credit: , )

Teacher discusses and demonstrates how  the program can be fixed.


Even if you are confident that you have completed your program, you should test it to see that it works correctly , before releasing your programming project for use by it’s intended audience.


In class exercise and homework

Open the following scratch studio and try debugging the projects listed after the studio:

(Credit: ,

List of Projects to debug:

Debug-It 1.1

Debug-It 1.2

Debug-It 1.3

Debug-It 1.4

Debug-It 1.5

Contingency Class

See the pdf for notes that were given when the internet was not available for class:

“HOMEWORK – Perform the in class exercise and homework found on the post from our google classroom”

Debugging in Context – Finding the average of an unknown amount of numbers

See video Below:


2022 April 22nd – Added contingency class

2023 January 11th – Added Debugging in Context – Finding the average of an unknown amount of numbers video only.

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