Importing Data From Excel into An access Database.

Follow along with the video using the provided files and tutorial.

The steps in the video can be found in the tutorial and files below:



In this tutorial , we wish to import the following data from RegionData.xlsx:

RegionPopulation Size
Diego Martin102,957
Mayaro–Rio Claro35,650
Princes Town102,375
San Juan–Laventille157,258
Sangre Grande75,766

NOTE: If you don’t have the provided excel file, you can always copy and paste the table above into a new excel document, save it, and use it for this tutorial.

  1. Add a new table named Region. The design View Is shown Below:

Close the table after creation.

2. “RegionData.xlsx” contains data formatted to match the region and population size of our Region table. The column names are the same in both tables. Start the process to Import the data from “RegionData.xlsx”:

a) Select the  “External Data” tab

b) Choose “New Data Source”

c) Hover over “From File”

d) Choose Excel

3. Use the wizard:

a) Browse to and select “RegionData.xlsx”

b) Choose “Append a copy…”

c) Select the region table from the dropdown

4. Choose Next:

5. Choose Finish

6. Choose Close:

7. Done! Open your table to verify that the data was imported:

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