Introduction To Databases

Video from today’s class (Thurs 7th Jan 2021)

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Definition: A database is a collection of related data stored in separate data structures, usually table structures. Data stored in databases contain a minimal amount of duplication.

Alternative Definition: A database is as store of data organized into related tables.

A database purpose is to store and manage information; and to be easily searchable to produce filtered information on the data by querying the database.

Facilities querying the database are provided by the Database Management System (DBMS).

For example, a school’s database can store all information about the school in different tables – Teacher information in a teacher table , Student information in a student table, subject information in a subject table.

Because the tables are related to each other , we can perform queries on the database to find:

The list of subjects for a particular student,

The number of students assigned to a subject,

The list of student assigned to a teacher,


Required reading

Information technology for CSEC , 3rd Edition, Howard Campbell , pages 222 to 225

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