Debugging and Refactoring exercise


Definition: Debugging is the process of finding and fixing errors in program code.

Definition: Factoring (Decomposition) is the breaking of a complex task to its atomized sub parts. The goal of factoring is to reach a level of detail that can be represented in an algorithm and eventually programming code.  

Definition: Refactoring – Changing program code’s structure to improve readability or efficiency without changing it’s behavior; or, to change a code’s factoring


Copy and paste the following code into the main.c file of  a new project:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <math.h>

int main()
    float a,b,c,D,root1,root2;

    printf("Please enter a value for a...\n");

    printf("Please enter a value for b...\n");

    printf("Please enter a value for c...\n");



        printf("no roots\n Exiting program...\n");
    else if (D=0)
        printf("Equation has only one root = %.2f \n Exiting program...\n ");

        printf("Roots are %.2f and %.2f \n Exiting program...\n",root1,root2);

    return 1;


  1. Debug your program so that it produces correct results in all cases.
  2. Modify your code to use functions.
    • Move the code for calculating the Discriminant into another function. Do this by
      • Create a new function,which returns the value of the discriminant. The new function should implement the function declaration: float discriminant (acoef,bcoef,ccoeff);
      • Change the line which contains
        D=(b*b)-(4*a*c); to D=discriminant(a,b,c);
    • Move the code for calculating root 1 and root 2 into 2 separate functions. To do this, you must create suitable function declarations and accompanying function declarations which can accomplish the task.

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