Videos: Categories of Computers

See the following objective content and related videos

These videos were chosen for each topic because they cover the subject matter in a relevant context. They definitely were not created specifically for the CSEC an Syllabus, however , they do address the fundamental concepts in real world scenarios.

(Created for csec syllabus, but also applies to NCSE ICT)

Distinguish among the major types of computer systems in terms of processing speed, storage and portabilityMajor types:(a)Super Computers (for example, Cray).(b)Mainframes (for example,IBM zEnterprise System).(c)Desktop systems.(d)Mobile devices (for example, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, smartphones, tablets and game consoles).(e)Embedded devices (for example,special-purpose systems such as controllers in microwaves, car ignition systems, answering machines).Types of computers:

What is a super computer:

Using Supercomputers:–LOko

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