Presentation Software

Presentation software is used to display information one slide at a time. The term “slide” can be thought of as a single poster used to display a small number of points or a single idea.  

Presentation software was made to mimic the behaviour of a traditional slide projector.

Many slides are displayed one at a time by the presenter. The presenter can include the following items on slides:

Text – including short points on the topic being presented.  Text is usually held within a Textbox.

  • Shapes – including pre defined  shapes e.g circle, square etc.

  • Images: users can insert downloaded images, or provided clip art.

  • Charts: the presentation software provides facilities for creating and inserting various chart types including bar, line, pie charts etc.
  • Animations – Objects can be set in motion on any slide. Objects include images, shapes, text boxes etc.
  • Transitions – Slides transform from one to the next in one smooth animation.

Example of presentation software are Microsoft Powerpoint  and Prezi.

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