Configuring Flowgorithm for CSEC / CAPE / CXC /NCSE

See Video for demonstration:

Flowgorithm is an awesome graphical programming language that you can use to generate flowcharts , trace tables and actual program code.

If you’re not already using flowgorithm , you should be , or at least be using some equivalent solution.

Flowgorithm ,however, has one main drawback out of the box – It does not use the convention and regular shapes expected by CXC CAPE and CSEC; and NCSE.

See both images below:

Wrong shape/convention used
Correct shape used!

You MUST configure flowgorithm to fit the expected conventions. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on Edit
  2. Click on Choose Chart Style
  3. Choose Classic from the dropdown list
  4. Click OK

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