Sources of Data and information

Recall that data can be processed to produce information.

Information Sources

When searching for information, we may acquire our research from various sources.

Sources of information emerge from:

  • Interview experts in a field; people related to your research.
  • Books, Newspapers, magazines and journals.
  • Computer databases, company databases.
  • Websites on the internet.

Document Types

Most of the time, we can gather data and information from various documents.

Turnaround documents

This is a document produced by a computer that can be used to record information by a human.  The document with its new information can then be input into the computer system for further processing.

OMR and OCR are technologies that are widely applied in this process.


Turnaround document


Human Readable and Machine readable forms

Human readable documents , simply put, can be read by humans.

Machine readable documents contain  parts that can only be read by a computer system and not by humans.  E.g. barcodes, QR codes etc.

Hardcopy and Softcopy

Hardcopy output is physical, e.g printed paper.

Softcopy output is not tangible, e.g a webpage displayed on a screen, the sound coming from a computer speaker.



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