File Management

Definition: A file contains data of a specific type, which is denoted by a file extension.

E.g a picture file “image.jpg”

A file in a folder
a picture file “image.jpg”
File with extension
filename with extension

Definition: A folder  can store  many files and even other folders.

Definition: Sub-folders are folders within another folder.

Class demo: Use Mycomputer /windows explore/File Explorer to gain access to files and folders during this demo

  1. Create a folder named School on the desktop
  2. Rename the folder Naparima College
  3. Create a new text document within Naparima college.
  4. Open the document and save .LOG on the first line.
  5. Save, close, then reopen the file and observe what happens.
    (explain the how students can use the readme or log files)
  6. Create 3 subfolders for 3 subjects.
  7. Demonstrate deletion of a folder using the recycle bin.
  8. Restore file from recycle bin.
  9. Demonstrate permanent file/folder deletion using:
    1. The recycle bin.
    2. The shift key.

Note that on windows computers, if you hold the shift key when deleting a file, it is permanently deleted, it is not sent to the recycle bin.

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