Integrated Software

Integrated software was a term that was born out of the evolution software developed in specialized industries.

It was possible to have one application existing for years alongside new applications that were acquired or created to meet the needs of new user tasks.  It is a quite common occurrence that data produced in one application is required to be used in another new application. For example, data produced by a payroll application would be needed in another accounting application.

Traditionally this data conversion was sometimes done my employees of the organization, but this process was prone to human error. It is a better practice to create new applications that can work with data and information produced by older applications. In this way human error is eliminated and the applications can share data with each other. (Note that old applications can sometimes be upgraded to produce data for new applications)

When the data is standardized in this way , we say the applications are Integrated, hence the term Integrated software.

Definition: Integrated Software refers to 2 or more applications that can share data with each other.

Two Examples include the following suites: Microsoft office (Word ,excel etc) , Adobe Creative Cloud  (Illustrator, Photoshop etc)

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