Email Introduction


Definition: Telecommunication means communication at a distance (tele means “at a distance”). Modern telecommunication is usually timely and employs electronic devices.

Definition: E-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication[1]. It can be thought of as the electronic version of traditional mail.

In Class Demonstration:  Setting up an Email account with google

Teacher demonstrates the sending of email:

  1. From person to person (including reply)
  2. From person to people (including reply)
  3. Including an attachment. (reply class discussion)

Email Attachments

An email attachment is a digital file that is added to an email message for delivery to the recipient.e.g. a picture, audio file , program file etc

Email address format

Each user has a unique email address specified by their username at the mail server in the following format:



Parts of an E-mail

Internet email messages consist of two major sections:

  • the message header. The header is structured into fields such as From, To, CC, Subject, Date, and other information about the email.
  • message body, collectively known as content.

The message header must include at least the following fields:


The email address of the originator of the message. This field is sometimes formatted to include a first name and last name, or  other alternative formats


The geographical local time and date when the message was sent.  This field is almost exclusively generated by the email service provider (e.g Gmail, Hotmail etc)


The email address(es) OF the messages’ main recipient(s).


Carbon Copy.  Recipients in this field receive a copy of the email between the sender in From: and the main recipients in To:.  The recipients can see all recipients in the  and To: and Cc: fields.

This term originated from the use of traditional carbon paper to produce copies of hand written pages.


Short for Blind Carbon Copy. Recipients in this field receive a copy of the email between the sender in From: and the main recipients in To:  as well as Cc:.   The main difference here is that recipients in the To: and Cc: fields WILL NOT see any recipients specified in Bcc:


A brief summary of the topic of the message. Certain abbreviations are commonly used in the subject, including “RE:”  (concerning) and “FW:” (forwarded message).

A forwarded message is a copy of an email sent to a recipient at a later time than the original email.


2023 Jan 7th

-Added section for email address format.


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