Computational thinking

What is computational Thinking?

Definition: A problem is a required change from the current state of things to a desired  future state.

Definition: Computational  thinking  is use of ideas in a structured manner to solve a problem, such that it can be eventually used to instruct a computer.

Building applications or programs is essential to aiding computer users to perform tasks.

We use computational thinking to analyze problems in order to build applications that solve those problems.

There are four principles that are used to solve problems computationally.

They are:

  • Decomposition – Breaking down a large problem into sub problems so that solving the entire problem can be solved in a structured manner.
  • Pattern Recognition – observing patterns within the group of sub problems.
  • Abstraction – Focusing on the parts of the problem that are essential to solving the overall problem.
  • Algorithm generation – Creating a set of general, well defined steps which can be used to solve the problem.

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