Basic Computational Thinking Exercise

Exercise: block problem

3 blocks ABC rest on a desk. What are the steps to stack B on C on A?

After completing the exercise, continue:

Computational thinking allows for us to arrive at well defined steps based on the tool that we are using.

If a robotic Arm Were used the steps would be:

  1. Lift B
  2. Place B on C
  3. Lift C
  4. Place C on A

If we were directing a human, we might arrive at:

  1. Place B on C
  2. Place C on A

You may arrive at an entirely different solution:

  1. Place C on A
  2. Place B on C

Computational thinking allows for us to find General solutions to problems also. For example, if our problem was

“ N blocks rest on a table. Create a stack using all blocks. “

Using a robotic arm , our solution would be:

  1. Start with an empty space for a stack area on the table
  2. Lift an unstacked block from the table and place it on the designated stack area.
  3. If any other unstacked blocks rest on the table that are not in the stack,
    1. Lift an unstacked block
    2. Place the block on the stack
  4. Repeat Step 3 until there are no more blocks.

Note that:

  • This solution can solve multiple problems i.e n could be 0,1,6 etc.
  • The task always gets done regardless of the order of how the blocks are stacked.

© 2018 Vedesh Kungebeharry. All rights reserved

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