A simple game!

Update and Video (2021 Feb 9th)

I’ve produced a video on this tutorial , the most notable difference is that the sprite was rotated to simplify movement. This means that the block below was able to be replaced by a simple move block.

The older tutorial is below:


In this tutorial, we’ll be developing a simple game from beginning to end.   We’re going to go through all the many, many subtasks that goes into developing our game.

This project is a problem solving one.

In this development project, our problem statement is represented by the task at hand.

The task

Create a simple game using scratch.  The player is prompted to enter a bearing for a spaceship which then adjusts its direction and travels forward in that direction. The objective of the game is to hit a planet which is subsequently destroyed,  If the player is successful, increment his score, otherwise the game ends.

Part 1 – Setting up the sprite

First, I’m  going to create my scratch project. And name it “Planet Destroyer – Lesson Tutorial”:

 Now, we replace our sprite with one more suited to look like a rocket.

First delete the default sprite by clicking the x on the sprite.

Next choose a sprite using the “Choose a sprite” button

Search for “Rocket” and select the rocketship.

Now we have a rocketship added to our project.

My rocketship  is taking up a lot of space, so let’s reduce it to about 30%:

And we’re done setting up our Sprite!

Next: A simple Game! – Part 2
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