What is a problem?

A problem is defined as the “difference between the current state of things and a desired future state in an information processing system”



A score taker for a football game could be using a paper based information processing system consisting of


  • A notebook
  • Pencil

Data management:

  • Ruled lines forming a table in the notebook,
  • Columns for scores, fouls, Events etc
  • Calculations such as cumulative minutes or penalties in the game (these are calculated mentally by the score taker and recorded during the progression of the game.)

Inputs :

  • Goals scored,
  • Scorer’s name
  • Team scoring

  • Fouls
  •  Attacking player name , victim name
  • Minute of foul

Outputs (to officials and score board operator):

  • Scores
  • Fouls
  • Minutes

Desired future state:


  • Scores along with player’s Number entered manually
  • Fouls with attacker and victim names number manually via keyboard


  • Store player’s names from looking up numbers
  • Automatically timestamp goals and fouls


  • Statistics directly to website and scoreboard.

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